The business that started with just 2 hand looms has now grown to 70 semi-automatic Power-looms, 18 Ultra that Modern Shuttless-Looms are equipped with Dobbies and Jacquards, including a shuttless loom which is only one of its kind in whole of South-east Asia and specializes in weaving very delicate yarns like Cashmere at a phenomenal pace. Also many more looms are running outside its factories, weaving fabric on job-work basis and providing job opportunities to the local community. Production capacity exceeds 75000 Ps. Of high quality scarves and shawls every month. In other terms, 150000 meters of fabric every month and 1.8 million meters of fabric per annum. Still Sudsons is adding more machinery to keep pace with growing customer demand for its latest fashion products.

Sudsons manages its operations by directly employing over 400 staff at its head-office and factories while hundreds more are employed indirectly in the fabrication, printing and embroidery units working exclusively for Sudsons.

Sudsons, armed with latest textile CAD software tools at its in-house design studio, are famous amongst its customers as well as its competition for weaving products that have complex design and are challenging to weave in fine counts of yarns. Sudsons continuously works with its customers and with its suppliers to develop new yarns and weave those yarns into complex combinations of Dobby and Jacquard scarves that enchant customers with their vivid colors, mesmerizing designs and luxurious touch.

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