Men Scarves


It is a neck wear that gents wear around their neck for warmth. In ancient times scarves were worn by soldiers who had an officer rank. Scarves that are used to cover lower part of the face is called muffler. Man should always wear scarves with both ends tuck in a scarf can add charm as well as enhance the dimension and movement of your clothes. A man should wear an appropriate scarf according to the weather conditions as rainy, windy or frosty. If you are riding a bike man should wear a summer scarf. A classy knot keeps your scarf on and in order. A knot adds cleanness’ and togetherness of scarf. When the weather is too frosty or windy a light weight linen scarf is best. A scarf is a easy source of male accessory that can give him number of eye catching looks. It gives signature to your ensemble. So keep an open mind and wear it with style.

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