Women Scarves


It is a fashion accessory that a woman is known for drawing more and more attention. It can also be said as power symbol for women. It is wrapped around the neck for warmth or style. It can be casual or normal. They are available in different shapes as small square scarf, classic silk square, oversize scarves and oblong scarves. They are cozy, warm comfortable and are becoming trendy in today’s fashion. It can be tied in different ways in knotted form, like a necklace, like a cozy neck wrap or like knotted shawl. This piece of cloth worn around the neck gives warmth sun protection and is used for cleanliness or fashion reasons. They are available in a variety with different materials as cashmere, linen, cotton and wool. They are important part of women fashion as they are pretty and elegant part of women’s accessory. If one has the knowledge of mixing and matching you can wear this for different weathers and occasions.

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